Cast Iron Skillet Meatball Pizza

meatball pizzaAren’t we all looking for a new way to serve our kid’s favorite food, pizza? I’m the queen of using what you have on hand and use it all. Anyone else with me? I served spaghetti, crock pot marinaraand freezer meatballs two days ago and I had to use the rest of the meatballs. Thankfully, I have my shoebox dough waiting in the refrigerator for this quick and easy pizza.

Some of you may have seen me use the shoe box dough on the grill, but our weather has been so rainy for outdoor grilling. I decided to create my flatbread pizza right inisde the largest cast iron skillet we have. We have an extra large one :)

I start by warming my leftover meatballs in marinara and have it ready to go when the flatbread is done in the skillet. I follow the skillet flatbread directions and pat a large circle on a lightly floured surface.

IMG_3621This goes straight into my preheated skillet. I cover and let it puff and look dry on one side and then flip. I top the pizza with marinara, meatballs and cheese AFTER I’ve flipped the flatbread once. This skillet pizza is perfect for any kind of leftovers. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare if you have your shoebox dough already prepped in the refrigerator.



It’s the perfect quick meal accompanied with a salad or vegetable. I chopped a bit of fresh basil and gave it a quick broil in the oven to brown the cheese just a bit {all in the skillet}. I’m a sucker for presentation.

Cast Iron Meatball Pizza


I recommend checking out the flatbread dough recipe for a tutorial.



Have you had a slice of meatball pizza before?


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