Cascade Lake Camping Trip {5-minute Grilled Thin Crust Pizza}

The peace on a lake surrounded by mountains God created is breathtaking. I’m blessed to relax upon a turtle.

Just call me when it’s 5:00 p.m.

It’s always a pleasure to relax knowing dinner’s either cooking or prepped and ready to go. That’s where my faithful freezer cooking/make ahead meals come in handy. I can rest assured we can have dinner on the picnic table within 30 minute or less. And that makes a huge difference when you’re camping with five hungry kiddos.

We love the Cascade Lake beach area and my kids love riding in the canoe. This is our two-year-old’s first time out and she already wants to control the paddle. Who’s in control here?

Our meals consisted of:

Grilled Thin Crust Pizza using homemade tortillas and speedy pizza sauce (prepped from home) with fresh corn on the cob. It’s prepared exactly like my grilled flat bread pizza. I wanted a thinner, lighter carb version of pizza to try and this was the ticket. It’s not ideal for holding up a ton of veggies, but it’s great for thinly sliced/diced veggies you have on hand. We added a little local dill and garlic chevre cheese to the adult’s pies and yummy was the word.

3 minute pizza prep: Spread pizza sauce on top of a fresh tortilla. Top with your favorite toppings

2 minute cook time: Grill on low until cheese is melted and bottom is lightly toasted.

World’s easiest boiled eggs {bumper car style} and no bake 5-ingredient granola bars (made at home) were super easy for grab and go items for the guys on the kayak and the girls who like to sleep in. I also prepped some quicker cooked yukon gold potatoes for homefries and turkey sausage and thinly sliced red peppers and onions. The peppers were useful for our grilled Hebrew National hot dogs and grilled pizza.

And while we had this much fun, we had potatoes crockin’ outside. Grilled dogs and crocked potato bar (sorry, no picture). Easy peasy.

And for dessert, a little smores with the make ahead smores box.

With very little prep area in the camper and pouring rain outside for a full day, I was thankful for prior planning. And the meals came together in a snap.


We had fun, food and fabulous family memories. What kind of summer memories are you making?


4 thoughts on “Cascade Lake Camping Trip {5-minute Grilled Thin Crust Pizza}

  1. Lisa

    Camping outwest and brought your granola bars, breakfast wrap, protien bites and southwestern wraps!!

    Keep those freezer recipes coming!

    God Bless! Lisa

  2. Melissa B

    I love your great freezer recipes! We havent been camping this summer,..but I do plan on using some of your recipes very soon!

    1. admin

      Thank you Melissa, right now crock pot and grilling are the best options to stay cool. You can still prep ahead to save time and money. Hope you stay cool and enjoy the rest of your summer. Blessings.

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