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Ten years ago, I was awarded the camping food coordinator for my Sunday School class. I planned two days worth of meals for about fifteen couples. It was a lot of fun and now I have the honor of planning our family camping food for six people. This should be a snap, right?

Well, ten years ago, we DID camp in a tent and we took several outdoor grills for the camping trip. Last year, our family acquired this sweet Jayco trailer with a kitchen and bathroom. It’s such a blessing and we love it. I especially love having cabinets for storage.

We had a pop-up camper the year before and we had to take most everything out before we folded it down. So this is a huge change and our kitchen is much more convenient with counters, fridge/freezer, a microwave, oven, stove, indoor table and outdoor grill. It can get a little tight inside with our family of six, so everyone stays outside while I prep our food.

I like to take as much prepped food as possible. That’s where freezer cooking comes in play. I’ve prepared the following meals and snacks to take along with us. I’ll snap some pictures during our Mother’s Day Weekend and share next week.

Just beginning to pack…

0506011407.jpg 0506011421.jpg 0506011424.jpg 0506011428.jpg

I hope this inspires you to plan ahead for your next camping trip, get away or vacation. Cooking ahead and freezing helps you have healthy, delicious meals away from home. Plus, you will have “extra” fun money when you’re not paying huge bucks for eating out.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!!! Gone camping…

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  1. Amy


    I am so excited to see your posts on camping! Our family of 6 purchased an RV last summer and I normally do most of my food prep before I leave also. Your recipes have given me a new repertoire of ideas for camping as well as freezer cooking. Can’t wait to try them.

    Best Wishes,


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