Campfire Dogs

campfire dogsWho needs a plain dog when you can have a campfire dog jazzed up with a little blanket of bread? I had this whole foods experiment in mind before we left for the campground. My secret weapon is the shoe box dough I use for sandwich bread, pizza and crazy bread, flatbread pizza, cinnamon rolls, calzones, stromboli and now campfire dogs. It’s just another bang for my buck and one easy way to have fun by the fire. And who says it has to be a campfire, not I. Try this idea right in the comfort of your own back yard with a fire pit if you have one. If not, make your own back yard fire by surrounding a bare place with rocks like the campfire above.

My suggestions are as follows:

  • liberally flour your dough before pinching off
  • warm your hot dog first and then wrap the dough around it
  • place your dog near white ashes and rotate the stick
  • rotate many times if using an open flame
  • do try the campfire cones for dessert :)


  • recipe for shoe box dough {you’ll have leftovers to make other items}
  • package of hotdogs {we like turkey, nitrate-free or kosher dogs}


Warm hot dog on a stick in a fire near white ashes. Liberally flour shoe box dough and pinch off a ping pong size amount. Roll into rope the same length as hot dog. Start on one end and wrap around the entire hot dog. Use caution when hot and perform this task for small children. Cook the dough until puffy and golden brown. Fire temperatures vary so the cooking process varies three to seven minutes. The hotter the fire, the quicker the dough cooks. Watch it carefully and rotate well if toasting in an open flame.

Who really needs a bun for their dog?


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