Caesar Salad, Not So healthy chicken tenders, oven baked fries

chicken tenders


I have been so busy cooking at school with my foods students I’ve barely had time to post on my own blog. We have made a variety of healthy and no so healthy foods over the past two weeks that I wanted to share.  We’ll start off with the not so healthy, which is rare for me, but I thought it was a good lookin’ recipe from Pioneer woman. It turns out nice and crunchy full of flavor and perfect for a picnic which is what I was aiming for the the students.

caesarsaladIf you’v never tried this super frugal Caesar salad from Taste of Home, I highly recommend it. It’s so fresh and easy with no anchovies in the homemade dressing. You can sub out bottled lemon juice for extra frugality like we did in foods lab.


The oven fries were also fantastic and a wonderful finger food on the picnic buffet. The students were so surprised homemade fries could turn out this crispy and yummy.

vegetrayLast, but not least was a very cute flowering veggie tray idea I found on Pinterest. I forgot the cherry tomatoes on my shopping list and ended up using one radish in the middle of the flower and it worked.

This is just four of eight recipes we did in a week’s time.  So, now you know why I’m so lazy unmotivated to cook at night for my family. I prep it all on the weekend and we crock pot, grill or reheat food all during the week so I don’t go crazy cooking 24/7 every day :)

Have you tried any tasty recipes this week?



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