Buying ahead plus freezer cooking pays off

I normally shop on Fridays and plan for next week’s dinner meals on Thursday. This week I am trying to eat from our freezer. We have an abundance to choose from and we still have some produce from this week so our shopping will be very minimal. My husband picked up a bag of frozen talipia to add to our freezer meals. I’ll post our easy talipia recipe later. I grill the fish in the summer and pan fry in olive oil in the colder months.

All of our meals are from the freezer this upcoming week. Without further due, here it is.

Sun-Veggie Pita pizza

Mon-Frozen homemade waffles, fried eggs, homemade applesauce

Tues-Black Bean Casserole, chips and salsa

Wed-Hotdogs and sweet potatoes

Thurs-Asian Honey Sesame Chicken and brown rice, green beans

Fri-Movie Night at church (pizza provided)

Sat-Chicken Enchiladas and Green beans

Remember the parents and the two year-old have leftovers and/or sandwiches for lunch.

I pack the school kids’ lunches four days out of the week and rotate their sandwiches made from bagels, bread, pitas and/or tortillas. They will get an apple, sweet treat, yogurt and chips or crackers.

We rotate cereal, oatmeal, eggs and toast for breakfast. I hope this helps:) Look for more menus each week.

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