Busy Days call for Freezer Meals

Today I had a Tigger/Dinosaur picnic, I pushed my toddler high in the sky until he giggled, I got gritty toes from the sandbox while making a birthday cake with “stick” candles, I ring-a-round the posies to ABC Barney and I fished three pebbles from the baby’s mouth. I did two loads of laundry, made a double batch of sour cream biscuits for breakfast bar tonight. I made extra sausage for sausage biscuits in the morning. I read two chapters of Lost and Found with my ten-year-old. I listened to my eight-year-old read a chapter from Captain Underpants. It was busy.

I have very little time to think about what’s for dinner at 5:30. That’s why freezer cooking helps me feed my hungry crew of six. At 5:00, I grab whatever’s in my thawing box and re-heat it for dinner. It typically takes about 15 minutes or less to make…

5 minute tacos

I cook and season at least three to five pounds of meat. I deceptively add carrot puree for extra nutrition. I’m able to make other items, such as nachos grande, taco pizza or taco salad with the meat.

Grilled hamburgers on homemade sandwich thins


I deceptively add squash puree and seasoning to these moist patties.

Asian honey chicken kabobs with frozen brown rice


I grill marinated cubes with seasonal vegetables on skewers. It’s an easy meal served over re-heated brown rice and a salad.

Breakfast Bar


I double and freeze a variety of whole grain carbohydrates like biscuits, cinnamon rolls, waffles, muffins or pancakes to serve with eggs, breakfast meat and fruit.  Breakfast bar is never the same.

Perhaps your days are busy like mine at home, work, or play. Doubling and freezing items enables me to spend more time with my family and less time in the kitchen. It saves me time, money, energy and sanity. How about you? Would you like to do the same? Try doubling and freezing your next family favorite and your pocketbook, calendar and family will thank you.

What’s your favorite item to freeze?

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