Bulk Spices Plus Freebies

Did you know bulk spices are more economical than spice jars in the grocery store. Let me show you.


I bought mustard, raw sugar, sesame seeds and nutmeg from Earthfare. They had a coupon for 5 free ears of corn with any $5 purchase. Hoorah! Are you on the Earthfare mailing list? You should click here to sign up for their emails and receive a coupon for free stuff weekly. I don’t always go, but it’s worth checking out the coupon to see what they’re offering for the week.


I bought raw sugar (demerara) in the bulk bin for $1.19. This is a good buy because the 2 pound, 12 ounce canister that I refill is over $4 at Wal-Mart these days. It’s a 3-pound canister. I use the raw sugar for almost all of my baking. I especially like my Ghirardelli cookies made with raw sugar. It makes them chewy like Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies, only healthier. I make a bunch and freeze them baked to keep them fresh.


I bought sesame seeds for 3.99 a pound. Have you seen the price of sesame seed in the grocery store. A tiny spice jar is $4.99. I refilled my large canister that I bought from Sams club a year ago. They no longer carry sesame seeds so I had to look elsewhere and I thought of Earthfare and I’m glad I did. I filled half my canister for $1! Woo hoo, what a good deal. I use sesame seed for my brown fried rice and my favorite freezer Asian sesame honey chicken marinade



Mustard and nutmeg are spices I rarely use, but I like to have them on hand in just a small quantity. Mustard was 20 cents and nutmeg was 66 cents. Mustard is good in egg dishes.

I spent $7 on all this at Earthfare and got the corn for free. Did you know you can microwave 5 ears of cleaned corn on the cob for about seven minutes? Gotta love coupons and good deals on spices for freezer cooking.

How about you? Have you gotten any good deals on spices?

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