Tips for Quantity Cooking


Food warms the heart. Do you believe this statement? Have you received a home-cooked meal made with love and felt your heart growing warm? I have received many meals from loving church members in the past ten years every time I’ve had a new baby. I distinctly remember the first meal after having my first baby. It was chicken divan with broccoli, bread and salad, and a homemade pumpkin roll. Wow, it was a meal to feed a king. I was famished after having a baby and it tasted so good.

In the past years, God’s allowed me to bless others through the ministry of freezer cooking. It’s taken some creativity when feeding large crowds of thirty to fifty. Black bean casserole is a no cook casserole that’s packed with protein and vegetables and. It’s even more frugal when you make it from your own convenience frozen black beans and delicious. I make this often.

From the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16. Jesus blesses us so we may bless others.  Moms, we can bless others while we’re blessing our families if we freezer cook. Double your next casserole and give one away.

Quantity Cooking Tips

When you are doubling, tripling or quadrupling recipes, you can buy a #10 can from a whole sale club and save a lot of money. The can below is equivalent to six regular size cans. The price was $3. Without a sale price or using coupons, this is a fair price and it keeps you from having to open an abundance of cans. Go to your favorite wholesale club online and search for the item you’re needing. Look at the price and compare to your local sale price to see whether you are paying too much for your item.


I divide the remaining tomatoes in 14 oz. portion bags, just like can size. I dip almost 2 cups and place them in quart size bags to freeze. Thaw for 24 hours and use in your favorite recipe. Don’t forget to label and date and add this to your freezer inventory so you will remember.


When you are cooking in quantity, you need a huge bowl. Often, we don’t have a huge bowl when we’re tripling or quadrupling, so use your stock pot. Measure and mix all your ingredients inside like you would a bowl.


Now you know some tricks for cooking in quantity, go out and bless others.

*If you attend Biltmore Baptist, you can bless the Jennings family by donating a casserole for Mr. Harry who works the welcome center at PraiseIsland. He’s in Hospice right now and we’d like to shower his family with easy to prepare meals. Contact Refer to this post to see how to package a freezer meal for ministry.

Do you have any tricks or tips for buying in bulk or cooking in quantity?

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  1. Jennifer

    As for tomatoes you can also purchase the large cans in most grocery stores & walmarts. Most have a small foodservice section of cans like peaches, new potoates, & corn. This may help people without a super store membership or one in close proximitiy.

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