Brown Fried Rice is freezer friendly

Though I’m Asian, rice is not a frequent side dish at my house. I’ve just learned how to make it over the years. Remember I did work at Makados in college. I’m trying to fix this dish more often so my kids will enjoy their ethnic roots.

This recipe is also freezable after it has cooled and refrigerated. You can bag it in a labeled quart size bag and it will lay flat in your freezer ready for your next stir-fry meat, like Asian Honey Sesame Chicken, our family favorite.  You reheat the 24 hour thawed rice in a microwave safe dish. Add a tablespoon or two of water to moisten it prior to reheating.

I think it’s pretty healthy considering it has carrots, garlic, peas and onions. You could always cut back on the oil, but the sesame oil really gives it a lot of flavor and don’t forget to saute your garlic. The most  important step is to make your rice and refrigerate it prior to frying it.  Cold rice without the moisture is the key to making great fried rice.  You can use what you have by cooking white rice if you like, but try brown some time. It has a nutty, heartier flavor.  Your home will be infused with the smell of Asian flavors and your neighbors might come running.

Printable fried rice recipe

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