Broken Crock Pot Liner {Recipes on Hold}

A tragedy struck on Tuesday morning when I was making French Dip Subs. It’s a favorite among our kids and I made homemade sub rolls the day before. Yep, my favorite crock pot of all time cracked. As I was pouring in the liquid ingredients, it started flowing from the bottom of my crock pot. Then I realized it was cracked all the way through and not salvageable. Ugh, I really like this crock pot and it was an inexpensive one at Dillards. After posting my sad saga on facebook, I got the bright idea of looking for another liner at Goodwill or a thrift shop. I’m hoping to find one that will fit.

Tuesday evening I forgot the burner unit and lid while I was out near Goodwill and I took a chance. I saw a compatible 6 quart black liner for $2.00. I hoped it fit. Unfortunately, it’s about 2 inches shy of fitting down inside. Such a bummer, but I’m still searching. I’ve tried to find the website for this Spring brand endorsed by Andrew Weil, M.D., but I haven’t had found the exact model I have. Perhaps they no longer make this one since I’ve had it for about five  years.

One reader suggested contacting the company, but I still can’t find the company. As I’m googling, I’m still Goodwilling until I can replace this awesome set up that has cooked countless meals for us.

This so called slow cooker cooks really fast about half the time of normal crock pots. I noticed the cracked portion looked burnt toward the bottom. Perhaps that’s why it cracked? I’m not sure, but I do hope I find one soon because all my crock pot recipes are on hold.


But don’t wait on me, check out all our crock pot recipes on our recipe index and crock until your heart is content :) I’ll let you know when I’m up and running again.

What would you do in this situation? Has your crock pot liner ever broken?

7 thoughts on “Broken Crock Pot Liner {Recipes on Hold}

  1. Christephi

    I’ve had two crockpot crocks crack (now that’s just fun to say!). The one I’m using now is actually cracked, but not too badly….liquids seep through slowly, but so far it’s still usable. I worry a little that some weird chemicals may be leaching into the food through the crack, but I can’t really do anything about it right now. When my firs tone cracked, I bought a new crock thinking it would fit (same brand, same size), but it was a different shaped oval! So annoying! Hope you find a replacement for yours!!

  2. Alison at NOVA Frugal Family

    My mother in law had one crack and I got her a new one for Christmas last year with some crock pot liners. I highly recommend getting a few crock pot liners if you are a little bit cracked and nothing with seep through and it might extend the life of a broken crock pot. Good luck on the search. I can just see you traveling in the car with the outside of the crock pot walking up to Goodwill with it. I wonder if they see that a lot or if you get strange stares as you are walking in with something instead of walking out with something you bought

    1. admin

      I’m sure they have all kinds of people looking for all kinds of treasures. I keep hearing of crock pot liners with cracked pots too. That’s a new one for me. I’m still a little weary about heating a plastic liner since we’re all freaked out about using BPA free drinking bottles. I hope the liners are healthy.

  3. Brandette W.

    Oh, Jackie my sincere condolences. I have been there many times my friend. I was always Crockpot brand loyal. But after my last Crockpot brand one did that to me, I switched to a 3.5 quart Cuisinart and it has worked GREAT! But when I bought the new one, I NEVER EVER cook without a Reynolds Crockpot Liner now. It makes cleanup instant and it seems to save the crocks since I was finding the continual washing was doing it to mine. I was also concerned about the BPA issues in the plastic liners, but they are food safe and Reynolds stand behind this. But every family is different, so research is always a good thing I find. I switched all of our tupperware plastic type containers, water bottles, etc a few years ago so this was a concern of mine too.

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