Boo-licious Party Part 2: Jovial Fruit

booliciouscollage (1)Jovial fruit snacks {peeled clementines with small celery stalks and peeled banana halves with one large chocolate chip and two mini-chips for eyes} are fun for the whole family to make and enjoy with guests. I especially like the clementine pumpkins in lunch boxes the next day. My kiddos love the banana ghosts with the chocolate chips {I wonder why}.

Leftover bananas can be thrown into a freezer bag and used for frozen smoothies at a later time. Add milk, a tablespoon of peanut butter and you’ve got the best jovial peanut butter banana smoothie ever!

Don’t wait to make Jovial Fruit for the party, feel free to make it with preschool kids or young children at any given time time. They will love having these fun faces staring at them.

Part 3 of the Boo-licious party will be Candy Corn Fudge, don’t miss this easy recipe coming soon!

Have you incorporated  fun fruit faces into your entertaining lately?

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