Blood Relative Number Four


Third Thursday Blog Hop: Have you experienced any miracles?

I’m removing my apron for a moment. I want to take a moment to share a blog, Hearts at Home, the go to place for moms-every mom, every stage, every day. I’m participating in a blog hop for women. Once a month I’ll post a  question for moms like you and I, so we can get to know each other better. I’m going to start today by sharing more about myself.

If you’ve read about me on my “Meet Jackie” page, you’ll know I have four children. I began having children over ten years ago. I actually have a daughter entering middle school in the fall-how exciting and bittersweet. My oldest son is eight in second grade. I have a five year gap between my two sons. My youngest son is three. He was our “give it over to God” prayer. I knew I wanted three children when I had my first, but I was reluctant to try again after having a not so perfect second child who was a typical wide-open, slow to potty-train, rambunctious two through four-year old.

It took much prayer to persuade me to think about having a third. So our third baby was like starting all over again because my two were in elementary school and here I go again with diapers and potty-training. After our third, we prayerfully decided we were done and had necessary precautions taken. My husband had surgery and I thought my child-bearing years were over.

During the three month window of opportunity, proclaimed by doctors, I got pregnant with my fourth. I have to claim this as divine intervention from God and a miracle because I wasn’t expecting another child, but God was. She is our little miracle baby and so very precious to us.

Caroline Nancy is turning one on May 4. We are very blessed to have her and yes, I have started all over in the baby stage, but my life would never be the same without her. I always wished a sister for my first born daughter and thought after my third it would never happen. I was wrong. Carissa has a little sister and my prayer is for them to be close one day, though they are ten years a part. Thirty-five years ago, I was abandoned left, in the streets of Seoul Korea, with no blood relatives. Read more about here. Today, I have four little ones who look like me!

God does provide miracles. He’s in the business of miracles. Have you experienced a miracle in your life? Will you share with us?

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4 thoughts on “Blood Relative Number Four

  1. Stephanie's Mommy Brain

    Oh my! Definitely a miracle! And what a sweet little face!! I also have 4 children (8, 6, 4, 2) but mine are so close in age I never had to start over. It looks like my baby years are now behind me, unless God has a little miracle planned for me in the future.

  2. Sunny

    How beautiful she is! I need to spend more time on your site to find out about your own childhood story- sounds like a miracle in itself!

  3. Julie@comehaveapeace

    What a blessing she will be, and it sounds like your two girls can have a sweet relationship. Glad to meet you on the HAH blog hop.

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