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I hope you’ve noticed a MOAM badge on the right sidebar and you’ll consider grabbing the code and placing it on your blog, especially if you love our recipes and love giving the best to your family and others. We’ve been making changing on our site to help you navigate it easier and share it with others.

If you’ve been blessed by the super easy, nutritious recipes, then grab our badge and start sharing away. Or follow us on twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Simply click on the icons on the right sidebar. If you’re in wordpress, you simply click on appearance, widgets and drag a text box to your sidebar. Copy and paste the code into the text box. Save and close and you should see our badge on your blog sidebar. Thank you for sharing our mission and healthy freezer cooking recipes with your readers.

It’s a pleasure sharing our recipes with you because we know you’ll bless someone else! God bless your week.

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