Batch Cooking with Ground Chuck

Our Ingles store has ground chuck on sale for 1.88 every six weeks. I wait until the sale runs from Sunday to Saturday and I hit the grocery store in the a.m. and purchase the meat for less than that. Because they grind fresh ground chuck everyday, the meat that is ground the previous day has to be reduced. Today, I bought 15 pounds of meat at 1.09 a pound. That is rock bottom prices. Now, you have to have a plan when you have 15 pounds of meat to freeze.

With my plan in place, I’m ready to proceed in three batches of cooking and freezing. I will make my usual 8 dozen meatballs for the freezer. I made a new hamburger recipe and I seasoned and patted 24 burgers for the freezer. I’m also making seasoned taco meat for the freezer for future Mexican recipes. I’ll share my ideas about recipes in a future post.

Have you ever thought about freezing reduced meat for future meals? It can save you a lot of money in the long run. Even better if you plan accordingly and divide the portions and EVEN better if you cook the meat ahead of time before you freeze it, you will really save yourself time and have extra time with your family.

2 thoughts on “Batch Cooking with Ground Chuck

  1. Jora

    I do this all the time. But one of the best ideas came from my friend Sharon: put the ground beef in the crockpot. Let it cook until done, drain, then package for the freezer.

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