Baked Taco Pizza

Baked Taco Pizza

Here’s an easy taco pizza made in less than fifteen minutes, if you’ve done your freezer cooking homework:) I start with a tortilla and broil it until brown. I flip the tortilla over and lightly toast again. This sets the crust up for all the yummy toppings. Then I add few tablespoons of seasoned cooked taco meat (pulled from my freezer, thawed 24 hours in my plastic shoebox and then warmed for 5 minutes in the microwave) right on top of the baked tortilla. I like to sprinkle with cheese and broil it. Then comes the fun part. Time to pile on the toppings. We like to add shredded lettuce, homemade pico de gallo, chopped avocado, black olives, more cheese, sour cream or whatever we have on hand.

This is just another fun twist on the same boring tacos. You can cut the pizza with a pizza wheel and serve in bite-size pieces for kids or whole pizzas for adults. It’s a fun taco bar for gatherings and perfect for serving a large crowd.

Though you may have several freezer bags of taco meat, why serve the same thing every week or every other week? Shake it up and make new entrees like this one or how  about  taco salad, taco beef tostada, southwest chili or mexican lasagna (recipe coming soon).

What’s your favorite mexican entree made with taco meat?

2 thoughts on “Baked Taco Pizza

  1. Smoki WHItney

    Jackie! I am loving your site! I would love to make this mexican pizza recipe! I just need some additional information. You say you broiled the tortilla, I just wanted to make sure you were using flour tortillas? And also for what temp and how long do you broil them to get them to look like that? All crunchy looking…lol THanks!

    1. admin

      I actually used my homemade tortillas and broiled on high until toasty. Add the meat and cheese and broiled again watching carefully. Store-bought will broil too, just may look different. It’s very easy and fun to eat flat without turning your head sideways;)

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