King Arthur Kids Bread Recipe {Dozen Loaves Shared with Homeless}


Twelve loaves of bread were donated this week, shaped and baked by my Foods 1 students. Guess where they came from so they stayed fresh from about a month ago? You guessed it correct, the freezer. We had these loaves stashed away and I haven’t had the opportunity to break away from class until this week. In the midst of a five course formal dining meal in between three classes, this field trip to the Biltmore House Stable Cafe in Asheville and a luncheon at Ichiban with thirty students, it is a challenge for me to post new recipes.

However, I am still freezer cooking to in order for my family to eat at home throughout the week. Also, I am cooking and baking at school and freezing too as you can tell. These twelve loaves were donated to our local women and children’s homeless shelter. This was the very first time my students had made yeast bread from scratch. You better believe this is an easy, nearly fail-proof recipe and that’s why I’m sharing it with you today.

The Bake for Good Kids Recipe is awesome for kids and adults. The recipe is on King Arthur’s website in this PDF format.

Enjoy your weekend and thank you for continued kindness and support with my mission to help the hungry and poor.


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