Freezer Bags and reheating questions

Here’s a question from a class attender.

Q. I made spaghetti sauce for the BBC family. I froze it and will bring it to MOPS Wednesday. I am going to try to made some rolls and freeze them for future use. What type of bags do you use? Does it make a difference if it’s store brand freezer bags? Just to clarify when taking a few out for dinner, how do you re-heat them? Wouldn’t they get dried out if you bake them again?

A. The best way to freeze spaghetti sauce is to allow it to cool at room temperature for 2 hours and then refrigerate. Use quart size bags and open them up in a bowl or glass liquid measuring like the picture and ladle it into the bag.  Name brand bags, such as Ziploc or Glad work the best with liquids, stews and soups since they have a double zip closure. Be sure to leave about 2 inches of space and carefully squeeze excess air out without squeezing food out; this may take some practice if it’s your first time. Lay flat to freeze and they are stackable too.  I will try posting a picture of this procedure when I do it next time.

Tip: Place frozen bags of food on a plate or use a plastic shoe box inside the refrigerator to consolidate condensation in your fridge.

You may use generic bag brands for quick breads and/or snacks because there is not as much pressure as liquids. If you freeze already baked breads and you want to warm them, there are several options. Microwaving on a lower power level is one option. It generally takes a couple minutes on 50 to 70% power level depending on how many you are reheating. Oven warming is another option which I only use if I am already baking a casserole or it’s not as time and cost effective. Warm breads inside a piece of foil to prevent drying out. You can remove from the foil the last few minutes to crisp bread or brush with butter if desired. I also warm breads on the grill using the same procedure as oven. I use a lower temperature on the grill so the bread does not burn. Thawing the bread prior to any warming is much more time effective.

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