How to Freeze Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagels, Muffins and Wraps {Freezer Tips & Tricks}

IMG_1126There’s a dilemma at my house. Should I make bacon egg and cheese bagels, muffins or wraps? Let’s just make all three while I have the supplies out and a messy kitchen. It’s for a good cause. A little R & R at the beach house. While I love to make freezer meals for quick lunches and dinners I also love to have a wholesome, yet easy morning. Seven people can eat a lot of food in one day so it looks like we have enough to feed an army, but as you can imagine it goes quickly.

I personally love the bagel thins and whole grain English muffins. The bagel thins freeze and thaw without as much moisture as the bagels. The tortillas also thaw with more moisture than the bagel thins. I also love the bagel thins because they are low carb and still fill me up with a piece of fruit on the side. It’s a win-win. My brother-in-law who goes with us to the beach prefers wraps.

And so I make all three in about an hour.


IMG_1118Whole grain, of course because I’m a health foodie.

IMG_1120Lots of turkey bacon, egg and cheese muffins.

IMG_1125Lots of whole grain bagel thins.

IMG_1124Are you wondering how I make the eggs? Most of the time I fry an egg per sandwich using my English muffin ring. On this occasion I was trying to stretch my eggs so I scrambled quite a few with milk.

Fox Run Set of Four English Muffin Rings

I spray the rings with cooking spray on a non-stick griddle, drop an egg in the middle and pop the yolk. It’s just like take-out; perfectly portioned and cooks in a circle. I have these rings from Amazon-two sets. Now you have another use for these cute rings! I’ve also heard of folks using recycled tuna cans with both sides cut out for the same purpose. I bet it would work for the eggs too. Or just freestyle those eggs; who needs a perfect circle, right?

Tips & Tricks:

  • Use a muffin ring to fry eggs if you have them
  • Whisk eggs with milk if you prefer them scrambled or want to further stretch your eggs for more breakfast sandwiches.
  • Layer the cheese next to the hot egg to melt.
  • Allow sandwiches to cool completely on a wire rack before freezing.
  • Wrap the sandwiches back in the same bread bag if you are eating them within 2 weeks; waste not.
  • Freeze in labeled quart or gallon size bags for longer term.
  • Consider using bagel thins, English muffins and/or tortillas for breakfast sandwiches/wraps {or all three for variety}
  • Thaw overnight and microwave for 1 minute or until hot.
  • Defrost 1 frozen for about 1 minute and then microwave on high for about 45 seconds.
  • Like crispy bacon? Remove bacon and crisp first and then reheat entire sandwich for about 45 seconds

Now go ahead and make your breakfast freezer sandwiches and/or wraps for the summer!

Do you have any tips, tricks or favorites to share with us?






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