Back To School Sale: Freezer Cooking Ultimate Guidebook is Half Off!

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I thought I would have a back to school celebration with a personal invitation to dive into freezer cooking. My ultimate guidebook is filled with my favorite tips, tricks, charts, templates and more. I’ve shared how I implement healthy freezer cooking in baby steps and give you all the tools you need. I hope you’ll buy this essential school supply for yourself to better care for your family. It’s usually priced at 9.99, but for the month of August I am slashing the price half off. Just $ 4.99  jump starts all your freezer cooking and you can stop asking, “How do I begin freezer cooking?”

It’s packed full of resources. Check it out….


  • Meet the Freezer Fairy
  • Defining Freezer Cooking
  • Wholelicious Freezer Cooking
  • Wholefoods Baby Steps
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Learning How To Freeze
  • What Can I Freeze?
  • Where Do I Start?
  • Grocery Supply List Template
  • Freezer Chart
  • How Do I Freeze?
  • Food Label Template
  • Freezer Inventory Template
  • Learning How To Thaw
  • 12 Ways to Cook, Reheat & Consume
  • How to Menu Plan Via Freezer Cooking
  • Menu Planner Template
  • Top 30 Cooking Essentials
  • How To Get More Menu Planning Info
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    Let me know your feedback if you purhase it. I’d love to better serve you.

    What’s stopping you from jumping into freezer cooking now?

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