Back To School Sale: Freezer Cooking Ultimate Guidebook is Half Off!

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I thought I would have a back to school celebration with a personal invitation to dive into freezer cooking. My ultimate guidebook is filled with my favorite tips, tricks, charts, templates and more. I’ve shared how I implement healthy freezer cooking in baby steps and give you all the tools you need. I hope you’ll buy this essential school supply for yourself to better care for your family. It’s usually priced at 9.99, but for the month of August I am slashing the price half off. Just $ 4.99  jump starts all your freezer cooking and you can stop asking, “How do I begin freezer cooking?”

It’s packed full of resources. Check it out….


  • Meet the Freezer Fairy
  • Defining Freezer Cooking
  • Wholelicious Freezer Cooking
  • Wholefoods Baby Steps
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Learning How To Freeze
  • What Can I Freeze?
  • Where Do I Start?
  • Grocery Supply List Template
  • Freezer Chart
  • How Do I Freeze?
  • Food Label Template
  • Freezer Inventory Template
  • Learning How To Thaw
  • 12 Ways to Cook, Reheat & Consume
  • How to Menu Plan Via Freezer Cooking
  • Menu Planner Template
  • Top 30 Cooking Essentials
  • How To Get More Menu Planning Info
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    Let me know your feedback if you purhase it. I’d love to better serve you.

    What’s stopping you from jumping into freezer cooking now?

2 thoughts on “Back To School Sale: Freezer Cooking Ultimate Guidebook is Half Off!

    1. admin

      JoAnn this an ebook available for download. It doesn’t contain recipes, just the info outlined in the table of contents above. Lots of tried and true tips and tricks I’ve learned from over a decade of freezer cooking. I will be sharing various freezer menus with recipes, shopping lists and labels in the upcoming months. In the meantime, check out the recipe index tab on the top of the blog for lots of freezer recipes. Thank you for asking and stopping by. Blessings to you.

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