Back to School, Lost Tooth and Broken Coffee Makers

IMG_2739Why do I have three coffeemakers on my counter? The Cusinart is our current one that we used to use every day until this morning. It decided it wants brew water constantly from the time you plug it in until you unplug it. Hmmmm, our camper Keurig on the right didn’t want to work either. It did nothing when you plugged it up. Guess, that means we don’t camp enough :(

Finally the old standby Krups that used to be our maker before the Cusinart about five years ago still works. So, I have three coffeemakers and one currently works. I’ve got some troubleshooting to do in all my spare time since school has started.

Our week was full of meet the teachers, including our own students. We’ll be heading off to four different schools on Monday.


My youngest is heading to fantastic first grade. She lost her second tooth this week.

IMG_2659We’re enjoying our new hardwoods.

IMG_2663Patience paid off :) I have three family packages of chicken and two packages of ground turkey to freezer cook over the weekend. We hope to have our house painted next week the final step of our accidental remodel. It’s going to be a super busy week with three of my four kiddos in sports: baseball, cheer and cross country. We’re waiting on my oldest to turn sixteen next month before allowing our 6-year-old jump into sports. I can only drive so many places  at once :)

How busy has your week been? Are you freezer cooking before school starts?





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