Asian Honey Beef Stir fry


“What’s your favorite meal?” I ask my son’s friend as he eats dinner with us.

He responds, “Steak.”

Oh what kind?” I ask.

He says, “This steak,” as he stuffs his mouth full. He later asks for seconds.

I love Asian honey chicken marinade. Click here for this easy freezer marinade tutorial. It’s so easy and tasty with chicken or beef. Today I thawed our beef stir-fry in  my usual plastic shoe box and prepared another meal in 15 minutes.


I stir-fried the z ucchini and onions first and set those aside. Then I stir-fried the  beef on our stove top skillet on medium high. I reheated our brown rice I prepared two nights ago when I made another meal. When I first made it I doubled the portions knowing I was making this stir-fry in a few days. I always work smarter, not harder using a meal plan.


Dinner is served to our guest and family in 15 minutes. Hibachi steak and zucchini and onions over brown rice. YUM.


What’s your favorite stir-fry meal?

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