Asian Chicken Skewers and Flank Steak

 Asian Honey Sesame Chicken Marinade


2 ½ pounds chicken pieces

½  c. soy sauce

2 T. canola or vegetable oil

2 T. sesame oil

3 T. honey

Kitchen Tip: spray measuring spoon with cooking spray and honey will easily slide out

1 T. sesame seeds

2 garlic cloves, minced

¼  tsp. ginger

I use this delcious marinarde for stir-fry chicken, but I envisioned something a little different. I’m making chicken skewers with half the marinade and Asian steak with the other half.

I ran by Earthfare and grabbed a $5 flank steak and got a pound of chicken for free using this week’s coupon. First, I prepared my chicken by butterflying the breasts. I cut the breast into 4 cutlets and then made them into long strips so they would thread on a skewer. Then I prepared my freezer bags by labeling and dating them. I slide the chicken right into the marinade and lay the bag flat to seal being careful to squeeze out the air and not the liquid.

The flank steak was even easier to prep. I used a fork to pierce the meat to allow the marinade to infuse it better. This  will slide into the other prepared bag and follow the same sealing proces.

Both bags will lay flat in my freezer and the items are written on my freezer inventory sheet (stuck on my fridge with a magnetic). When I decide to make them I will thaw them in my plastic shoe box in my fridge for 24 hours (while the marinade flavors the chicken or beef)


My plan is to make the chicken skewers with peppers and onions and brown rice. I’m going to grill or broil the steak for an Asian Steak Salad. Both of these menu ideas along with photos will be posted at a later date.

Have you ever marinated meat ahead and frozen it? It’s so easy and a time-saver for later.

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