Appreciate Teachers with Freezer Cookies {Free Printable}

Do you appreciate your child’s teacher? Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 7-11. It’s the perfect time to thank your kiddo’s teachers (preschool, grade school, Sunday school, homeschool), bus drivers (they’re teaching our kiddo riding manners) or an extra-curricular activity teacher.

Mom Tip: You can start early and gift them all by making freezer cookies! That’s right, bake those delicious cookies and freeze them baked. They’ll stay soft, moist, chewy, crispy or however you’ve made them. Freezing preserves that fresh baked taste and don’t forget to attach a handwritten note of appreciation from your child.

I just love this adorable free printable located here.

Honestly, you’ll be the smart cookie for planning ahead for this event. Start baking your favorite cookie recipes or use one of ours below. Allow your child to help you in the kitchen and tell them what you’re doing. Print the thank you note by HipMomma’s Journal on white/ivory card stock. Punch a hole, tie a gross grain ribbon around a clear cellophane bag. See the visual idea here. Stow them in your freezer until May 7. Appreciate all your kiddos teachers with lots of love and frugality. It doesn’t take much to share the love of Christ with others.

Our frugal cookie recipes:



Do you have a little time and a lot of love to thank the teachers in your kid’s life?

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