Apples Galore {How to Freeze Apples}


Ever since my students made chicken pot pies, I had a vision to make a lot of apple pies for Thanksgiving. Once I heard about deer apples for $5 a box, I knew I had to make a trip to the farmer’s market.

The beautiful polished apples above are from the WNC farmer’s market and they cost $15 a bushel, which is a fair price for such lovely looking apples.

IMG_0932These are $5 to box your own variety which I chose from the same Moss Farms and I got to choose the varieties I wanted. In went three varieties that I know I love to cook with: Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Rome.

IMG_0930Local apples for only $5 a box. I’m totally in love.

IMG_0912I’m still supporting my local farmers and I’m getting more bang for my buck. How many boxes did I purchase?


Here’s a glimpse. Totally kidding. I purchased three tomato boxes for my foods classroom at school and one for myself. We are going to make apple pie filling next week and freeze it for Thanksgiving pies. I’ve been making apple crisp galore at my house. We’re on our second crisp this week and I know I’ll make another one this weekend just because it’s so easy.

camping apple crisp 1Be sure to check out how I freeze apple crisp kits and other fall recipes.

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