Homemade Apple Chips















I’ve gone apple crazy with freezer apple crisp kits cooked three ways: baked, crock pot and fire pit. I’ve made two batches of apple butter (recipe coming soon) and countless batches of apple sauce and now apple chips. I knew my Macintosh apples were on the mushier side when they would barely stay on my apple peeler corer, but I didn’t want to waste a single one. Although I did have a few that the bees enjoyed.

The end result: chewy apple chips which turned out fairly well considering I’ve never made them before and the condition of my apples. I would recommend crisp apples if you want the process to go quicker. I baked two batches in a single layer pan at 275 degrees for several hours. I’m guessing about four or five because they were very moist to begin with.

We’ve enjoyed them as a sweet treat this week. I opted for no spices after I read a few comments where folks enjoyed them plain. Either way, I think it’s a great way to use up your last bit of fall apples, if you have any.

Have you ever made apple chips?

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