Almost too busy for freezer cooking {Korean Beef}


It’s been a long week and I bought bulk items over the weekend. I squeezed in a 2-hour session on Monday night and I froze it all. Here is one item I cooked in the crock pot Thursday and I had enough leftovers to refreeze as a cooked meal. Frugal crock pot bulgogi {Korean Beef is a family favorite}, but we had a few less children at home and this is going in the freezer for a quick meal later in the month.


My Pebble watch I received last year for Christmas hasn’t been working for about a month to six weeks. I let the company know and had to email a photo, but I’m sure glad I did. They mailed me a brand new one this week and I have to return my old one with postage paid. I’ll be happy to do that. It took me about 10 business days to get a mailing label after I emailed my photo, but the wait was worth it. I now have a brand new, scratch free watch. Woo hoo. Thank you Pebble.

Now onto the wet weekend and put my feet up for a few hours since there’s ball games have been cancelled.


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