Becoming a sponsor of Mom on a Mission is a great way to advertise your blog or online shop. Mom on a Mission receives over 17,000 page views per month. On one occasion we’ve had over 310,000 page views!

My reader demographic consists primarily of women ages 25-45 who are moms! We equip and encourage moms to freezer cook for her family while serving the poor and needy within her community.

Basic Sponsorship:

A 150×150 button costs $25.00 a month *Ads run for a 1 month period of time. *There is a 10% discount if you book for 3 months at a time. *Ad rates are non-refundable. *Ads must be paid in advance. An invoice will be sent to the sponsor via Paypal. *I will do one post about the sponsor’s store or product on my blog for each month purchased. *I reserve the right to refuse ads based on products, ad image or copy, or store being featured.

Giveaway Information:

*Each sponsor has the opportunity to host a giveaway. *If the sponsor decides to host a giveaway, the giveaway will count as a post about the sponsor’s product or store as mentioned under the Basic Sponsorship information above. . *Giveaways should be scheduled with Jackie at brownjackie624 (at) yahoo (dot) com at least 2 weeks in advance. *If you so choose, a giveaway may have more than one winner. *Once a winner is selected, their contact information will be passed along to you, the giveaway sponsor. *It is the responsibility of the sponsor to see that the winner of the giveaway receives their prize in a timely manner, and at the expense of the sponsor.

Product Reviews:

From time to time, Mom on a Mission is asked to review products. Product reviews are considered to be separate from sponsorships. *Please contact Jackie at brownjackie624 (at) yahoo (dot) com to request a product review. *In order to be considered for a review, a sample must be sent directly to Mom On a Mission. *If the review is not favorable, the product supplier will be contacted, and the review will not be posted on the blog. *Regardless of the review outcome, samples will not be returned.