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God placed an idea on my heart four years ago as I held my third, six-month old baby. We took our first photograph of a “Cook and Play.” in my living room. He instilled a passion while I worked diligently in the kitchen. 144 servings later, each mom had a cooler of freezer food to take home to her family.

Proverbs 31:15 bubbled over. We were providing food for our family in a fun, creative way while our children had a play date. Each mom would take a turn to check on the children or attend to the group if needed. Sauce simmered, pasta cooked al dente, meat browned and pans were assembled as a team effort. The ample food spread before us gave me an opportunity to thank God for our blessings. Therefore, Proverbs 31:20 became my mission. The vast amount of food could be shared with others. What would happen if we open our arms to the poor and extend our hands to the needy? We would be serving as Jesus did and people would be blessed.

Cook and Play ministry is the result of this experience. I founded this ministry in 2007 and we cook once a month for a women and children’s homeless shelter. Local Asheville, NC women can find the monthly menu on our facebook page and others can gain an understanding of launching this ministry in your church, community or moms group. If you’re interested in having me speak/teach your group, please click on the “contact me” page. Thank you for visiting my family page and taking time to see how you can save yourself, time, money and energy. Browsing recipes and bookmarking ideas may keep you up at night so I’ll leave the oven light on for you.

Read more about my ministry here at Sophie Magazine where I was blessed to receive a Mommy Makeover!

Mom on a Mission is Proverbs 31 based: providing food for her family while opening her arms to the poor and needy.

I am a passionate Christ follower, wife, mother, teacher, homemaker and friend to all who visit my blog. Freezer cooking is my hobby and lifesaver.  It allows me to spend more time with my family of six. I love to share my experiences and photos with you as you take time to visit. I’m on a mission to glorify God through my passions-freezer cooking, writing, speaking and teaching.

I love to scrapbook, read, write and exercise with my girlfriends. My family enjoys camping, swimming, bowling, pizza night and games.

My family is growing quickly. I have four children, ages 13, 11, 6 and 4. Their growing bodies mean they’re eating more and I’m cooking and freezing more. I praise God for all my rewards.

Taste and see that the Lord is Good Psalm 34:7

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