A New Way to Freeze Meatballs plus 5 Ways to Eat Them


I’m experimenting with a new way to freeze my meatballs. Recently I picked up a two-pack of 93 percent lean ground turkey from Sams and went to town on perfectly portioned Italian meatballs and crock pot marinara.

Instead of freezing my meatballs the way I usually do in this post without sauce,


I decided to freeze it with the cooled marinara to have less freezer burn. I was excited to have almost 20 meatballs per bag with the sauce. That means I made nearly 100 meatballs with the double pack of meat which cost a little of $12. I have five meal starters for approximately $2.50 a bag with homemade sauce for six hungry people with leftovers.

We make so many yummy meatball entrees on the whim by having our own homemade meatballs thawed and ready to eat.


Here’s a sampling:

Cast Iron Meatball Pizza made with shoe box dough

meatball pizza


Meatball Calzones made with super easy shoe box dough

meatball calzone

Meatball Subs (our family favorite as yummy as Subway)

meatball sub

Meatball Chili (who needs to brown ground beef when you have meatballs)

crock pot meatball chili

Meatball Bake (perfect for a special get together or ministry meal)

meatball bake


Does the frugal price, 5 ways to serve meatballs or convenience to heat and eat tempt you into making meatballs? 

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