A little or a lot of freezer cooking

IMG_1501Sometimes I freezer cook a little and sometimes a lot. It depends on my mood, how often I’ve cooked at school with my students and how much time I have at home. We often start off with a double batch of white whole wheat pancakes or waffles for breakfast. I’ll freeze half for a future breakfast in a week or so. Have you tried freezer waffle sticks?



Fajita chicken is one of my favorites. I’ll thaw the marinated chicken breasts in my thawing box over night and voila it thaws int he marinade for scrumptious indoor grilled chicken. We throw ours on an electric indoor griddle in the winter months. Fajitas with peppers and onions the first night.





Crock pot black beans are soaking the next night and I will cool, refrigerate overnight and bag about six batches for future meals. 



First, I’ll make Leftovers my friend. It’s the perfect lunch for my hubby and I.





Some times I’ll switch it up with a low-carb tortilla wrap for lunch. YUMMO. These freeze well beans, rice, chicken and cheese. I add the fresh toppings after I reheat.



Breakfast for dinner or I’ll repeat pancakes any morning when they’re served like this.


One snowy morning I awoke to these heart shaped cooked potatoes and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day.



All of this snow has caused our family to go into hibernation and eat way too much crock pot potato soup.




Southern style cornbread with my favorite corn meal is always the best served with soup. I took a large pan to my in-laws on Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, the potato soup made it too. Have you tried cornbread waffles, totally freezer friendly?




While I was baking the cornbread anyway, I went ahead and made a batch of corn dog muffins for the kiddos. It’s an easy grab, heat and eat lunch or dinner. They’ll thaw one muffin on 50 percent power for one minute. Doesn’t get any easier than this.

IMG_1489Asian stir-fry morphed into a side salad for me one night. You can see the stir-fry veges over rice on the left. I was feeling like I needed more greens and topped my salad with the grilled Asian honey chicken. And yes, it was frozen, also thawing in marinade thanks to freezer cooking. Asian berry salad is awesome.

It looks like I cook a great deal. I’m addicted to freezer cooking and eating leftovers creatively. How about you?


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