A Few Relaxing Vacation Tips


I’m taking time off from blogging, writing, school work and freezer cooking. My youngest is surprised also.
IMG_4167It’s a awesome to slow down and smell the sea salt and watch my oldest son enjoy the waves.


We discovered  a new park at the end of the road and I’m soaking up the sun.

Usually before we leave for the beach, I freezer cook like crazy and make a complete meal plan like this one.

However, I was unusually busy this time around and I decided to take it easy and give myself grace. I only made breakfast bagels.

breakfast bagel

I had a few items in the freezer like, Fajita chicken and Asian Chicken, which we brought along. I am supplementing with hamburgers and hot dogs.

I made some refreshing pasta salad with the leftover fajita chicken and vegetables today. YUM. Greek Pepperoni Pasta is on the menu later this week.

Greek Pepperoni Pasta


It is easier to relax when have a semi-meal plan while on vacation. My advice, plan a menu so you’re not eating out every meal or day. Slow down and enjoy your mom vacation and pack your kiddos life jacket, even if they can swim.

Trust me, it helps when the courageous type swims beyond the surfers! :0






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