A Camping We Will Go {Menu Ideas}

camperWe are heading to the beach with  our little camper and we always take plenty of freezer meals or prepped food to allow us to fully enjoy the trip. Planning ahead gives me plenty of time to read, walk or run on the beach, shop, swim and just enjoy the scenery and family without worrying what’s for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Here’s the run down of our meals for four days and what I have prepped:


blueberry muffin


LUNCHPizza bagel bites

Power foods burrito


spicy shrimp kabobs

campfire dogs

grilled flatbread chix pizza


Campfire cones


I think we’re set on food and we’re off to camp for five days. The kiddos will compete in a kid’s fishing tournament in Charleston and the parents will hopefully get in a little R & R from school :)

Now this is the beginning of summer.

What are you planning for summer vacay?

2 thoughts on “A Camping We Will Go {Menu Ideas}

  1. Tammy

    Wow.so camper not tent, helps explain bringing along so much food-which I love the idea. But how do u transport all the cold food? Do u keep it frozen until use? If so does it all fit in an average camper freezer?

    Curious and I’d be envious except I don’t think Jesus wants me to be envious.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a wonderful and safe journey!

    1. admin

      Tammy, we are spoiled and the fridge stays on hooked up to the propane tank. Our camper fridge is about twice the size of a dorm refrigerator and the freezer holds quite a bit for it’s size. I use the same concept of thawing out items 24 hours in my thawing box, plastic shoe box, in our fridge for the next day.

      However, I take all our beach food, frozen, in a large cooler, packed tightly without any space and travel 5 hours and it stays solid until we get to our beach house.

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