96 Deviled Eggs



deviled eggs


How does one make 96 deviled eggs with sanity? I’ve been super busy facilitating a meal for 100 with my foods class. It hasn’t left me much free time to blog. Since we’re making an Easter meal for a large quantity, I thought I’d remind you of my best deviled egg tricks and how I teach my students to make the World’s Easiest boiled eggs.

Since they were making a dozen eggs in each group, I had to share my best tricks with them. Here’s some eggs ready to fill in my class.


I make sure they whip it with the kitchen aid mixer whisk attachment.


Since we’re in bulk making mode, we might as well make butterhorn rolls while we’re at it.

IMG_3694Yes, my foods 2 class made 120 rolls today. It was fairly easy since we made a quadruple batch of these make ahead butterhorns the day before. We had the dough refrigerated and it took about an hour and a half.

IMG_3693But, look at these beauties.

IMG_3692They are going to be a scrumptious addition to our ham lunch tomorrow. This is our semi-annual Cougar PAWS meal that we make for our disadvantaged students. This year we sold teacher meals for $6 to fund the meals for the students. For every teacher meal sold, a meal goes to a disadvantaged student. This semester I shopped at Aldi and my students prepared enough food to feed 100 for $120. Our menu includes ham, scalloped potatoes, spinach and strawberry salad, butterhorn rolls and 100 of these adorable vanilla cupcakes made from scratch.

IMG_3659Now you can see why I haven’t had much time this week. However, it will all be worth it when two dozen students take home a meal over break. I’m excited my students were able to share their project on our local news and give back to our community.



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