9 Totally Terrific Make Ahead Freezer Wraps {Low and no carb-options}

wrapsIf you crack open my freezer you will find a variety of cooked protein for my favorite summer wraps. I like variety and I like to shake things up on my family’s palette. Okay confession: I don’t like the same foods over and over, but I don’t like to spend a lot of time or money on expensive meals. That’s why wraps are such a hit. You can wrap all kinds of leftover protein in wraps. I’m not talking about just tortilla wraps either. Lettuce and egg roll wraps make fanatasic low-carb option. I told you I never stick to the same old food.

Here’s my summer list of easy to make wraps that are fantastic on the grill, griddle, reheated in a saute pan or eaten cold on a picnic. Some of them can be made whole and frozen as a meal, such as the Asian and southwest eggrolls, southwest freezer wraps and breakfast freezer wraps. Others like the crock pot Korean beef can be frozen as a ready to crock meal. Chicken Caesar and Power Foods use frozen protein that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

9 Totally Terrific Make Ahead Freezer Wraps.

  1. Crock Pot Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps or try the Crock Pot Bulgogi in a lettuce wrap
  2. Southwest Freezer Wraps
  3. Breakfast Freezer Wraps
  4. Chicken Caesar Wrap
  5. Chicken Fajita Lettuce Wrap 
  6. Asian Egg Rolls
  7. Southwest Egg Rolls
  8. Turkey Pepperoni Pizza Wrap
  9. Power Foods Wrap

Enjoy exploring the list and planning a little freezer excitement into your summer. You’ll be happy when you crack open your freezer as much as I do :) You’ll be ready in no time for your next BBQ, lunch, picnic, game or any meal!

Do you make freezer wraps?

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