9 Fabulous Freezer Bugers {Vege options, too}


Who wants to mix, mash and press fresh burgers on grilling day? Not I. Neither do I accept or buy frozen patties. I refuse it when I can have fast, fresh, flavorful burgers in the same amount of time it takes to grill a frozen burger. The BIG difference is mine are from scratch, full of flavors, like cilantro, homemade DIY seasonings and no preservatives. I’ve mixed several pounds ahead of time very gently in my Kitchen Aid and pressed them between patty paper I buy on Amazon and place them in labeled quart size freezer bags. The day before I grill, I throw a bag or two in my thawing box and I’m ready to grill fabulous burgers within minutes.

I like to purchase my ground chuck on sale when Earthfare sends me a coupon. My husband and I will get seperate orders and stock up to make different variety of freezer burgers. I’m also fond of the 97% lean ground turkey as well. I’ve even linked up my favorite bean burgers. I told you I like variety.

You can gurantee I have a few bags when we camp and go on beach vacations, like the one we’re on now. I hope you are enjoying your summer and planning fabulous freezer burgers. Hopefully this list will inspire you to make not four burgers, but at least 8, 12 or more burgers at a time. Why not? You have all the ingredients, mixer and dirty prep equipment. Purchase a few more pounds of meat and start freezing. You will be so glad you did come grilling day!

What is your favorite freshly made burger? Why not turn it into a freezer buger?

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