9 Amazing Make Ahead Summer Salads



We have A/C!! I’m not sweating while I’m boiling pasta or reheating food on the stove-top. God is good and we are blessed to have found someone we know and trust with an affordable price we could pay with cash! Even though our house is a cool 74 verses a warm 82, we are still making our favorite salads. I love make ahead salads using convenience chicken I’ve grilled ahead and frozen or used as leftovers the next day on salads.

While I’m on vacay this week, eating my salads, I wanted to tempt your tastebuds with 7 of our favorites. They are full of flavor and the protein is marinated ahead of time and frozen in bulk. I marinate lots of chicken (sometimes 20 to 30 pounds) at a time in my three different favorite marinades and thaw in my thawing box overnight. The chicken is marinating while it’s thawing, oh yeah. I love easy grilling without the fuss, but I love flavors too.

I hope you can glean some new ideas for heathy, easy delicious summer salads. It’s just another reason to loooove Summer.

What salads do you crave during summer?

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