5-minute Prep Crock pot Apple Sauce {freezer friendly}

This is probably the easiest recipe ever. It really could be two ingredients and two steps, but I often add a dash of cinnamon and a pat of butter if I feel indulgent. Here goes, it’s just like my stove-top sauce, but no baby sitting is required if you crock it on low for four to six hours. I add a little water if I’m using a drier apple like red delicious straight off a tree or another type I’m not familiar with like these below. Look at these backyard apples you might not think of as appealing.

I was blessed with these organic apples from a friend and I knew these would make the perfect crock pot sauce. I’ve also used not so perfect looking apples for crock pot apple crisp or crock pot cobbler. The options are endless for delicious apples. Leftover apple sauce can be frozen in quart size bags and used when you’re ready Simply thaw and serve over healthier homemade biscuits, toast or mix it with homemade granola.

I often crock an entire crock pot full and cool it for two hours or more. Refrigerate and freeze the extra.

Here’s the simple recipe:

Water plus peeled, cored apples (I told you it was simple). Add 1 cup of water to a crock FULL of apples or 1/2 cup water to a crock HALF FULL of apples. Sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg to taste if you like. Crock for six to eight hours on low or four hours on high.

Back To Basics Apple And Potato Peeler

I use this apple gizmo which peels, slices and cores a half a crock  in about five minutes; maybe 10 minutes for a huge pot like this one. I highly recommend one of these super efficient kitchen tools for apple season.

I gently break a part the apples during the last hour of cooking. They mash into a thick chunky sauce that doesn’t compare to store-bought. The long simmer enhances the sweetness and no additional sugar is needed. It’s the perfect side dish or dessert to any meal.

The backyard apples look pretty appealing now, don’t you agree?

Enjoy simplicity. Have you  crocked anything delicious lately?

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