5-minute Loaded Nachos

IMG_8903Loaded Nachos is an easy peasy meal if you’ve done your freezer cooking homework. I like to make about three to five pounds of taco meat ahead of time with homemade freezer taco seasoning. After it’s cooled, I bag it in quart size bags. When we need a quick meal, I can microwave a thawed bag in about five minutes. My family can build our nachos any way we like, with or without salad and enjoy a healthy low-fat version of nachos at home.

Here are  two ways to cook and freeze your meat:

crock pot taco meat {with black beans and corn to stretch your meat budget}

bulk taco meat 

And don’t forget my trick for finely ground taco meat here.

easy cheese sauce (1)

Have you tried easy cheese sauce, yet? It’s super simple over potatoes, pasta or nachos. I highly suggest if if you have your taco meat ready to go and you have an extra five minutes :)

We love our 5-minute nachos.

Do you make your taco meat ahead of time and freeze?


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