5-minute Breakfast Power Sandwich {Panini Style}

I’m often inspired by Restaurant dining and this sandwich is no exception. Last week I ate a “power sandwich” on whole grain bread with a fried egg, ham and cheese at Panera. This easy $4 sandwich inspired me to make my own at home using my panini grill. I’m so glad I tried frying the egg on the grill because the result was a fun wholesome sandwich in 5 minutes.

I start by spraying my grill on both sides with the olive oil cooking spray. After the griddle heats up a bit, I crack an egg on the griddle and wait until it barely sets and pop the yolk.

If you don’t have your special tool that fits in grooves, a small rubber spatula will work just as well to flip the egg after it has completely set and looks on the medium cooked side. However, you could cook it less if you like it runny or not pop the egg yolk. Just make sure to flip the egg once the white has cooked.

It doesn’t need to be cooked long on the other side, just enough to firm up the white. My favorite part is noo washing out the pan or getting out another :)

Place it on top of a whole grain slice of bread or half slice like I’m doing. Half slices are just as satisfying, especially if you eat this sandwich with a piece of fruit or 1/2 cup of homemade yogurt or store-bought.

I shaved some parmesan cheese on top of my egg. Any cheese you have on hand will work and taste delicious. A slice of canadian bacon or ham would also be scrumptious.

Place another half or whole slice of bread on top and grill until lightly toasted. No butter is necessary for less calories and fat, however feel free to use it if you like.

I serve my sandwich with an apple just like Panera.

The panini grill makes this sandwich in 5 short minutes. However this power sandwich can be made in a skillet as well, without washing the pan in between. It will just take a few more minutes because you’ll have to flip the sandwich. A smaller heavier pan placed on top of the sandwich can give you the panini press experience if desired :)

Here are some add-in ideas to change up your power sandwich and add some zing for breakfast, lunch or dinner:

Do you love this sandwich idea and want to serve it quicker? Make a half dozen and freeze to reheat going out the door. No need to swing by Panera and wait in the long line :)
Freezer Directions: Make desired amount and cool them on a cooling rack. Wrap in wax paper or a paper towel. Place in a gallon size freezer bag. Microwave frozen sandwiches 50% power for one minute. Continue to microwave full power for one minute until hot. Or thaw 24 hours and microwave for one to two minutes at 70% power. Microwave times vary so make a note for your next reheat.

Have you tried a “power sandwich” at Panara? Try making your own frugal one at home.

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