4 Kids in 4 Schools Plus Freezer Back to School Breakfast Ideas

make ahead breakfast (2)

Just in case you’re super busy running kids to different schools and you’re looking for some make ahead/freezer ideas for back to school, I’ve got some for you right here! Yes, this is the year I’ve got 4 kids attending different schools:


High School

IMG_8213Middle School


Elementary School



Plus my dedicated husband is going on his 18th year of middle school teaching and driving a school bus.


You wonder why I create so many make ahead items and freezer meals? It’s to keep me sane, have a healthy sit down meal with my family whenever we can, save time, money, physical energy and electricity and give meals to others in my community.

Mommyhood is full of adventures. This just might be my most adventurous school year ever 

I’m curious, what ages and stages are your children entering? How are you celebrating those milestones?

2 thoughts on “4 Kids in 4 Schools Plus Freezer Back to School Breakfast Ideas

  1. Renee

    Wondering if you have any good ideas for college snacks? What ships well? What keeps well and so on? I have a freshman in college and would like to send goodies. Packaging would be of interest to. Thanks’

  2. Gina

    Hello, I have one who started middle school and two still in elementary. It is tricky business in the morning! We have had good luck with the egg bagel bites, my goal is more protein in the mornings.

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