31 Days of Freezer Fairy Meal Tricks: How To Stack Freezer Meals with No Lids

31 Days of Freezer Fairy Meal Tricks


Welcome to 31 days of Freezer Fairy Meals Tricks. This is going to be an ongoing series where I share my best tips and tricks from over a decade of freezer cooking experience. It’s my goal to help you with your freezer cooking tasks because it’s advantageous to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, the poor and the needy. There are countless times I have pulled something from my freezer to share with others because I have set aside some time in my busy week to prep easy, wholelicious meals, snacks, desserts or breakfast  items.

TIP #1

stacking meals

My trick to stacking and freezing freezer meals is about to be revealed. I know most of us don’t have five or six pyrex pans with lids in our kitchen and we opt for aluminum pans for freezer meals. Ouch, have you seen the price of pans with lids at the store? They can add up and the cost can be as much as meal itself. That’s why I typically buy my steam pans with lids at Sams. However, when I run out or a lid is missing I have to use foil instead.

How do I stack and freeze a  freezer meal without a lid and without it collapsing?

The trick is using a Dollar Tree/General cooling rack. They are typically 2 for $1 and they work fabulous for stacking casseroles for transporting (if you’re freezer cooking at someone’s house), stacking and freezing until solid in the freezer. Simply stack your casseroles in the freezer and remove when they are frozen solid.

Did you  know a cooling rack was a multi-use kitchen tool?

Have you ever used cooling racks for stacking? 

Do you have questions for the Freezer Fairy? Please feel free to ask them and I’ll be sure to address each one over our series!  Be sure to check out my Freezer Cooking Ultimate Guidebook for half off all month long.

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