31 Days of Freezer Fairy Meal Tricks: Freezer Space Saving Tricks

31 Days of Freezer Fairy Meal Tricks


Welcome to 31 days of Freezer Fairy Meals Tricks. This is going to be an ongoing series where I share my best tips and tricks from over a decade of freezer cooking experience. It’s my goal to help you with your freezer cooking tasks because it’s advantageous to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, the poor and the needy. There are countless times I have pulled something from my freezer to share with others because I have set aside some time in my busy week to prep easy, wholelicious meals, snacks, desserts or breakfast  items.

TIP #3

black beans

There are different ways to freeze meals.

chicken and spinach enchiladas 1

Freeze an entire meal like enchiladas, taco soup or lasagna.

enchiladas in a box

Or freeze quart size ingredients separately to save freezer space: black beans, cooked seasoned taco meat or cooked meat with peppers and onions for spaghetti or soup. {cooked shredded chicken, enchilada sauce and spinach for enchiladas}. This second way saves freezer space because you are not freezing an entire casserole dish. Since it’s more compact, there is less freezer burn and uses less freezer space.

taco meat

Both ways are still time, money and energy efficient.


Did you know you can drop the frozen ingredients into your soup?

It makes awesome crock pot soups.


 How do you save freezer space with freezer cooking?

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