15 minute meal: Spicy Tilapia Taco

IMG_0112Oh how I love my easy 15-minute meals. Since I come home hungry after a high school soccer game to feed my two kids asking, “What’s for dinner?” I figure I better have a plan. No crock pot meal tonight because I have tilapia tacos in my thawing box awaiting my homemade cajun spice. This easy peasy meal comes together in a snap with my cast iron skillet and some sauteed peppers and onions.

Seriously yummy, in case you haven’t tried. Don’t judge my paper plates; it helps me get out of the kitchen faster.

And I always pack our leftovers right after dinner for lunch the next day.

IMG_0113There was a leftover piece of fish for my husband’s wrap.

IMG_0114I’m having leftover black beans to create my favorite power wrap. I can eat this delicious wrap cold straight from the foil on the go, grading papers, taking roll or whatever necessary I need to do during lunch break.

I label our super easy wraps for lunch the next day. BAM, I’m out of the kitchen in 30 minutes or less. Four kiddos have dish duty:)

IMG_0115What’s your favorite 15-minute meal?


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