1 Hour Freezer Cooking Session {Crock Pot Marinara}


My super busy week of high school foods classes ended with a shebang in my own freezer cooking over the weekend. I knew I had to restock my freezer with a few items or we’d be eating out in the weeks to come. I made a short list of to-do items and conquered them all on Saturday. YAHOO! My wonderful 6-year-old loves to help in the kitchen and boy did he come in handy.

Here was my short list:

It makes easy 5-minute tostadas on weeknights.

Baked Taco Pizza

See my tip for finely ground taco meat like Taco Bell here

Sneaky Taco Meat

Or need to sneak in some more veggies? See my sneaky tip here.

Remarkably, I got it all done in an hour, not including the kitchen clean-up after. However, it was a mess before I started and I tried cleaning as a I went and still had a sink full of dishes to load in the dishwasher. Thank goodness for a dishwasher.

The half-dozen dinner meals will add to my existing chicken meals until I can get some more prep done. We’re still eating on the apple crisp, eggs, granola and oatmeal for breakfast this week. It’s gratifying to have dinners planned and nearly cooked on most nights. I could not live without my freezer cooking.

How do you plan your weeknight dinners?





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