1 Hour Cooking Session {Brunch Casserole/Cinnamon Rolls}

What can you do in about an hour? How about throwing together three broccoli cheese quiche casseroles and three pans of cinnamon rolls. That’s one pan of each for our family and one set going to my Mothers of Preschoolers Meeting and the last set going to my friend who just had a baby. Now that’s what I call productive cooking. I know you’re asking can all of this really be done in an hour.

Here’s how I began my morning prepping for my power session. I mixed my Artisan Dough with Canola oil in 5 short minutes before I left the house for preschool. It’s left on my counter to rise while I run errands and return for lunch. I quickly refrigerate to chill the dough when I get home. After lunch I rolled three different rectangles out to make three pans of convenient cinnamon rolls. Then I grab my blender and mix the egg, milk and flour mixture for the brunch casserole. I do this three times while I have all the ingredients out. I throw in some chopped onion, broccoli and cheese and I’m done.

This takes about twenty minutes. Then I tackle the rolling/patting of three pans of the cinnamon rolls, another twenty five minutes. You can see a tutorial here. Here’s the fruit of my labor after an hour, ready to go into the refrigerator. I must plan enough space in my refrigerator for this much food. Thankfully, it only stays in the fridge overnight.

As you can see I use cooling racks to stack my aluminum trays (I purchase in bulk from Sams). I used my pyrex with lids for my own meals. Here’s one shelf.

And here’s the other. I’ve got fifteen minutes left to wash the blender and plastic shoe box and sweep my excess flour off the floor :)

In the morning I bake in two rounds. The risen rolls bake for about 25 minutes; no room standing required.

And the brunch casseroles bake about 50 minutes until done in the center. Even though I had to wait while everything baked, I consider that time well spent reading my Bible, blogging, checking email, getting kiddos ready for church, etc. I’ve spent no “active” time prepping any food. Okay, it did take about 5 minutes to mix up the icing to drizzle on top of the rolls.

I have three pans of brunch casserole and three pans of cinnamon rolls ready to go out the door. That’s what I call a productive morning (with all the work done the day before).

Do you like make ahead meals? Both the brunch casserole and the cinnamon rolls are easy peasy make ahead items.

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