9 Apple Recipes to Fall For {How to Freeze Apples}



Perhaps you’ve been apple picking like our family or you have purchased way too many apples at a fair or farmer’s market. It is full-blown apple season in NC and it’s time to pull out my favorite apple recipes. I hope you indulge in one or two of our favorites and try freezer apple crisp kits if you have way too many apples.

  1. Freezer Apple Crisp Kit
  2. Baked Apple Crisp
  3. Fire Pit Apple Crisp {great for camping}
  4. Apple Chips
  5. Crock Pot Apple Crisp
  6. Crock Pot Apple Sauce
  7. Crock Pot Apple Butter
  8. Apple Pie
  9. Applelicious Bars

What’s your favorite way to eat an apple?


A freezer side dish: 24 Twice Baked Potatoes

My chicken braid was lonely in my oven so I decided to throw 24 small russet potatoes alongside and cheer it up. I baked them for 1 hour and my plan initiated two different sides which I’ll post separately. Today, I’m sharing how I make my twice baked potatoes using very few ingredients. It’s basically making mashed potatoes with cheese and placing them back inside the skin. It just looks impressive, like you spent a lot of time on it for guests. hint, hint.

I begin by slicing about 1/2″ off the top off each potato. Since these are small potatoes, they didn’t need to cool long to handle. I allowed mine to cool about 5-10 minutes and then I prepared two piles of potatoes, hollowed and the tops for cheesy potato skins. I use a melon baller for this because it’s got a somewhat sharper edge than a kitchen spoon. However, a small kitchen spoon will work. Hollow each potato leaving about 1/4″ inside.

2xempty  skins2

Place the potato flesh inside a large mixing bowl and proceed to add hot milk (microwave for a minute), sour cream, butter, cheese, salt and pepper.  Mash with a mixer on low-speed for a minute and proceed to mix on high for about 2 minutes.


Place potato mixture back into skins using a cookie scoop.  I put all of mine into an aluminum tray for flash freezing (freezing for about 2 hours).


Once they’re frozen, I place them in labeled quart size bags (gallon works too) and add this side dish to my freezer inventory.


Don’t forget to save those skins. Allow them to fully cool and put them in quart size bags and freeze. These will make great potato cheese skins on another night. Just don’t throw them away.


Printable Twice Baked Potatoes recipe and Cheesy potato Skins

I call these toddler spuds. They’re just the right size a side dish.  However, you could dress these potatoes up with cubed ham, convenience chicken, or frozen broccoli. I suggest bigger spuds for more ingredients. Send these to a neighbor or friend in an aluminum pan labeled with the thawing and cooking instructions along with a bag salad. They’ll think you’re the best cook ever and it’s just a spud.

What are your best spud filling ideas? We’d love to be a community of spud lovers.

Fantasy Fudge is freezer friendly


Just in case you love fudge or chocolate like my husband does, it’s beneficial to know fudge can be wrapped tightly in foil and frozen for a good while. I secretly saved a third of the fantasy fudge and stowed it away. Tonight, I unwrapped the large chunk of fudge and cut it into bite size portions, like the ones pictured above. It was still frozen while I chopped a small portion with a chef knife and this allowed it  to come to room temperature quicker. We were indulging in homemade fudge within ten minutes. My daughter was indulging within one minute and didn’t care if it was cold.

Items made with milk and butter, marshmallow creme and other goodies do indeed freeze well. Have you checked out the prices for fudge at speciality shops? A whopping $10 to $15 a pound.  Save yourself a bundle and make your own. You could make goodie bags in a flash  for others by having homemade fudge in your freezer. Cut small squares and place in cellophane bags tied with a grosgrain ribbon for any holiday or appreciation gift.  Or you could just save it for yourself and eat it all;)– that’s my husband’s vote right now.

Recipe for Fantasy Fudge

What’s your favorite freezer item to give away?

World’s Easiest Sour Cream Biscuits {3 Ingredients}


Have you tried making biscuits with sour cream? These biscuits only require three ingredients: sour cream, self-rising flour and milk. I use light sour cream in this recipe and bake them, cool them completely on cooling racks and bag them for my next breakfast or breakfast for dinner.

You can reheat the thawed biscuits in the microwave for a soft texture or in the oven wrapped in foil. I like to save my energy and only reheat breads if I have a casserole baking. Plus it saves time reheating them in the microwave.

A savings tip is to wait until the sour cream goes BOGOF and use a coupon to get it for loose change and then try this recipe. They taste much better knowing you only paid pennies for a tub of sour cream.  Google Breakstones for a coupon link or try their facebook.


Sour Cream Biscuits {Yield about 14}


  • 4 cups unbleached self-rising flour {White Lily or King Arthur are my two favorites}
  • 1- 16oz. container sour cream {I use light sour cream most often, regular works also}
  • 1/2 cup milk


  1. Preheat oven to 450.
  2. Blend in enough sour cream with a fork or your hands until the dough leaves sides of bowl. Add milk to form a soft dough.
  3. Turn dough onto lightly floured surface. Gently knead 2 to 3 times. Roll out dough to 1/2 or 3/4 inch (if you like it tall biscuits). Cut using a floured 2 or 3-inch biscuit cutter.
  4. Place on a baking sheet with sides touching for soft and 1-inch apart for crisp sides. Bake 10-12 minutes.

I learned how to make my first homemade biscuits when I was 5 or 6, sitting on a stool, with my mom. Thanks for teaching me, Mom!

Do you have a childhood memory when you learned to make something in the kitchen?