Chicken Caesar Wrap

Do you want a meal that looks like this in five minutes? Marinate, thaw and grill extra chicken the next time time you fire it up. Follow my easy steps for grilled convenience chicken and make mouth-watering wraps and salads. This is an easy Caesar wrap made with strips of grilled Italian chicken, parmesan cheese, light Caesar dressing, red pepper strips and green lettuce leaves. It’s totally versatile with any favorite produce you have on hand. Grab a whole wheat wrap and grilled chicken from your freezer and get started.

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Thawing Tip: Do you want to pack this for lunch, but the chicken is frozen? Never fear. Loosen the chicken strips by giving it a gentle rap on the counter and use frozen. Wrap ingredients in foil and pack the wrap in a cooler (no need for an ice pack). The frozen chicken keeps the foil cool while it thaws (see below).
This is just one of many items that come together in a snap with a cooked frozen protein from the freezer.
What’s your favorite cooked protein to freeze?

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