A New Year’s Mission Meal: Taco soup and yeast bread

IMG_3288Over break, my FCCLA students (Family, Career, Community Leaders of America) got together to help the needy. Since I planned the menu ahead of time, my Foods 1 students made the bread about two months ago.

We partnered with King Arthur to provide our bread baking supplies. I taught the students how to make beautiful braided loaves here.



I always enjoy doing this with my students every year.braided breadWe cooled the bread completely and bagged it for our January meal.

We had 8 loaves to pull out of the freezer for this meal for forty women and children at our local homeless shelter.

On January 2, I purchased the supplies for chicken taco soup recipe here, omitting the beer ingredient, of course.

I purchased pintos instead of black beans because I could buy them in a larger quantity. Since chicken breasts were on sale for $1.99/lb and I bought a few #10 cans of vegetables and tomatoes, I only spent $25 to feed 40 people. Not shabby at all!


IMG_3275The girls also made goody bags with fruit and granola bars. I got the bars through a grant through Donor’s Choose.

All of these IMG_3289

All of these resources fed 40 homeless women and children on January 2. Many hands and donations helped to make this mission meal happen.

I’m still a “Mom on a Mission” and now I’m a “Teacher on a Mission” to pass on the act of giving to my students.

I hope your New Year is off to a great beginning. May we use our gifts and abilities to glorify God.

Have you shared a freezer meal lately? Tell us about it.


Happy 2017

IMG_3243 (1)My family would like to wish you a blessed 2017. 2016 has been a whirlwind of events, busy times and many great memories. We hope to have many more to share. I love all my readers and I’m blessed to share my mission of cooking and blessing others. Have a wonderful 2017, from my family to yours.



Gingerbread Cookies and Cupcakes

IMG_5181This week has been so incredibly busy at school. Tuesday was the real doozy with a flurry of cookies and cupcakes. All of my school classes were doing cookie and cupcake wars. I think we had some incredible results. Here is our whole collection of cookies and cupcakes for your viewing pleasure.

I used this Taste of Home Gingerbread recipe made the day before.  I used Sandra Lee’s royal icing recipe here.

I used this perfectly vanilla cupcake recipe here and Wilton’s Buttercream frosting here.


The cupcake war was a huge success. My students had an awesome time being creative. They stayed super busy the whole class period.

Gingerbread cookie wars was fun also.

Students will work for Chick-Fil-A  gift cards any day!

Our Elves Are Busy

IMG_3092Monday we took our younger children to carol at a nursing home. It’s become our family tradition to visit the elderly and hand out presents with a group at church. I love watching our boys talk and visit with residents.

IMG_3096They are the only children who carol in the group and the older folks often ask for hugs from the kiddos.

IMG_3098Nothing thrills my heart more when I see the same smile on the nursing home folks when they receive their hug one of my children.

Our little elves are busy and we are enjoying our Christmas season.

What traditions does your family enjoy?


Here’s What We’ve Been Doing

IMG_1607I have not gone missing for two weeks. I’ve just been super busy and haven’t taken time to update my blog and I apologize. It’s been hectic at school and I’m trying to balance home life first. I carved out time during the week to make gingerbread with my children, which is a good thing.

IMG_1605 (1)We made the Taste of Home dough the night before and rolled them out the next night. They are very tasty.

IMG_1606We all got into a little decorating.

IMG_1601I’ve been online shopping and finally have all my children’s done. Woo hoo! I always go through TopCashBack first to get a little extra bonus for all my hard research. It’s like a little bonus for free if you haven’t done it before. So easy to click through to get a very small percentage in your account, but it builds up; trust me.




IMG_1597I’ve made 96 butterhorns twice in two weeks. Once for my family gathering and another for my husband’s family gathering. And remember we made 200 when my foods class made the Thanksgiving meal for 108. I’m becoming an expert.

IMG_1608I’ve made homemade pizza twice. My kiddos could eat it every day.

How is your Christmas shopping or cooking coming along?








Early Thanksgiving for 108

It’s been a busy week in our Cougar Kitchen preparing 108 meals. I may take off for my own family meal, lol. I’m so proud of all my students preparing a grand feast. We blessed 18 McKinney Vento students (our homeless population) and 20 janitors in our school. Twenty teachers donated $10 to cover the cost of all our meals. With careful planning and shopping sales, I was able to do the meal for about $200!

Click here to see our album from start to finish.