• Easy Pound Cake {freezer-friendly}
  • Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu
  • Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips
  • Crockpot Philly Chicken (freezer meal)
  • Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu
  • Easter Tradition: Jelly Bean Prayer
  • Food Storage Kitchen Tip
  • Weekly Menu
  • March Reading List
  • Freezer Cooking Galore

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Easy Pound Cake {freezer-friendly}

Pound cake is a family favorite around here. There are two bonus points: the cake is … [Read More...]

Mexi chicken

Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

Wow, a jam-packed Easter weekend for us! We planned to eat with friends on Sunday and they … [Read More...]

fruit salsa

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips

One of my students said this is the best stuff on the planet, so of course I had to share … [Read More...]


Crockpot Philly Chicken (freezer meal)

Have you tried a chicken philly sandwich yet? Better yet, have you tried it from your … [Read More...]


Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

I did so much freezer cooking over Spring Break, I'm taking a break this weekend. My … [Read More...]

jellybean prayer

Easter Tradition: Jelly Bean Prayer

How can we help kids remember Christ along with the eggs, candy and Easter Bunny? Nine … [Read More...]


Food Storage Kitchen Tip

How do you store your leftovers? Because I do not like storing warm leftovers in plastic, … [Read More...]

Weekly Menu

Have you ever been stung by a wasp when you put on your pants? I can now say I have. … [Read More...]


March Reading List

Since I have started teaching high school full time, I've had less time to read; imagine … [Read More...]

freezer cook

Freezer Cooking Galore

Freezer cooking is an outlet for me. I have a wee bit of an obsession stocking my freezer … [Read More...]

spicy shrimp kabobs

Spring Break Freezer Cooking

We had an incredible wind storm last night and our Internet was down for most of Sunday. … [Read More...]

lunchbox pizzas (3)

10 Lunch Box Tips

Here is a glimpse of my normal lunch packing each day. Five out of the six of us pack … [Read More...]